De-Hypnotize : Marie Forleo Interview with Tony Robbins

This is my first post about an inspiring thing when I was doing a research about writing a great blog post. I searched it on youtube, and found Marie Forleo’s video about How To Write Fast : 8 Secret To Better, Quicker Content Creation. Soon after I watched, I visited her channel and saw an interview video with Anthony Robbins, one of the world’s great mentor.

During the interview, Tony explained that his job is not to hypnotize, yet to de-hypnotize, and then I paused the video and make a short post here on my blog. I always attracted to hypnotize related knowledge. I even took a certified workshop on the topic couple years ago. My only purpose was a self-hypnotize, cause I believed that we are our own enemy.

I’ve noticed that we’ve been hypnotized every day; by television, social media timeline, broadcasted messages, and probably by Pokemon’s news too.  At this point, I felt like I’m in-line with what he said. I think I need to De-Hypnotize myself often.  Do you?

Well, I hope you enjoy this wonderful video and hopefully we can connect by sharing your thoughts about it here.

Don’t forget to check Marie’s channel. She has absolutely great videos in there. Of course she has, she is Marie Farloe for God’s sake.

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