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Should every marketer learn digital marketing? 5 Steps To Marketing Success in 2018

Should we marketer learn digital marketing? People make the differentiation between marketer and digital marketer, so does marketing and digital marketing. Whilst any form of marketing activities is utilizing any tools efficiently to generate sales, every marketer should now be a digital marketer.

Sixty-nine percent of senior marketers are currently allocating their digital marketing funds to website content, development and performance optimization, according to recent research from Adobe Systems and the Chief Marketing Officer Council

The digital platform is widely used by big or small businesses because of its efficiency. It might take budget out of your pocket bigger than doing traditional marketing, but it is totally measurable.

Should you leave traditional marketing form? or taking action to learn the digital marketing and become a master on integrated marketing.

This post, Digital Marketing Integration: The Impact Of Cross-Channel And Content will give an insight into integrated marketing.

Posted on June 2015 by Jim Yu, I thought it is still relevant and not too late to learn digital marketing in 2018.




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